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Any Australian who has been employed – yes, even that casual hospitality job at school! – will have superannuation. For some, over their careers they’ll have built up a significant nest egg for retirement. For others, it’s just a few thousand dollars acquired intermittently. We know that there are tens of millions of dollars in lost superannuation in Australia, meaning those who’ve earned that money are not getting its benefits.

Either way, superannuation is money you have earned.  Superannuation is interesting however, it does not automatically form part of your estate to be dealt with by your Will.

Understanding Superannuation

Superannuation is complex and you don’t have to understand it on your own. Nextgen.Law can help you pull the superannuation strings together and provide you with the comfort of knowing your hard earned money – however much it is – ends up in the hands of those you love, rather than the government or persons who you had no intention of benefiting from your superannuation.

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Ensure Your Superannuation Ends Up Where You Planned

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