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A Testamentary Trust is a trust which comes into effect upon the death of the testator – you.

It is often used by people who have a large asset pool but do not want their loved ones receiving a big lump sum, or it may be that their children are young and they want their gifts to them protected until the child reaches a certain age. A Testamentary Trust may also be beneficial if you want to establish charitable giving in your name, such as a scholarship fund or annual donations.

Do I need a Testamentary Trust?

To decide if a Testamentary Trust is the right option for your estate, we gather your financial and family information and talk to you about how you wish your loved ones to benefit from the fund, after your death. We take into consideration possible inequalities that may exist – for example, a child with a disability who requires ongoing care. We can also advise you of potential difficulties that can arise and how these can be avoided.

In some cases, our clients decide to engage us as the Trustee of their Testamentary Trust. This is an option we can discuss with you, if it is something you feel may be best for your circumstances. The team at Nextgen.Law have years of experience in creating and administering Testamentary Trusts and are available to discuss your needs at any time – we love supporting our clients to find the best outcomes for their needs.

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