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There are four serious and very common misconceptions about dying and incapacity in Australia:

These misconceptions are completely wrong and the consequences of no planning or poor/limited planning is devastating to most Australians.

These mistaken beliefs impact everyday Australians, who as a collective, have the most to lose when wealth is transferred from one generation to the next.

Taxes on Death

Taxes are already payable on death depending on the type of wealth and the beneficiaries’ personal circumstances.

This is where proper estate planning comes in which is different to a basic Will or no Will.

A Will Without an Estate Plan

A Will without an estate plan is a document that deals only with ESTATE assets and there is no discussion about non-estate assets. It does not automatically deal with non-estate assets such as superannuation and jointly held assets etc. 


A Will With an Estate Plan

Estate planning deals with both ESTATE and NON-ESTATE assets. It will consider items of vulnerability for you, your intended beneficiaries and the whole of your wealth.  It covers off on the questions that are critical, and most importantly, those items that are critical to you.

An estate plan also includes a set of documents that outlines your wishes for your health and personal affairs, if you are alive but unable to manage these issues. This includes your financial affairs, including business interests (if any).  

Wealth covered
without an estate plan

Wealth covered
with an estate plan

Who needs to consider estate planning?

Everyone who is 18 years or older needs to consider estate planning because more often than not, you will have Estate assets and non-estate assets that need to be dealt with if you pass away or otherwise lose capacity to make certain decisions.

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